Next  Creative Writing Workshops for Beginners:

Max 8 people - fun, cosy, nurturing, no pressure to share

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in Chiswick: 


Tuesday 1st October, 9.45am-1pm


Tuesday 5th November 9.45am-1pm 


Tuesday 3rd December 9.45am-1pm 


in Teddington (The Railway Pub)



Saturday 9th November, 10am-1pm


in collaboration with www.handmadeworkshops.co.uk



To enquire about the possibility for other evening or weekend workshops please contact me via website or email dianechandlerauthor@gmail.com


We may also be able to come to you if you fancy running a workshop for your friends or bookclub?

(within max half an hour's drive from Chiswick)


Recent feedback  


"An absolutely brilliant course. Clear, concise, full of humour."


"Booked it as a treat for myself and what a treat it was!"


"The most exhilarating three hours I've spent in a long while"


"I would highly recommend you - cathartic is how I would describe my experiences and I loved it!"


A very supportive and safe environment to share."


You both created a nurturing, productive and inclusive environment... though you made it seem effortless it was an extremely well-planned and considered workshop and I learnt a lot whilst thoroughly enjoying myself, which is rare"


"Friendly and welcoming atmosphere... no pressure to share"


"Thank you for a fantastic and comprehensive beginners' course on creative writing. It was wonderful."


"Such a fab workshop, so much fun! Look forward to the follow-up."


"For someone taking baby steps in the world of creative writing, this was the perfect start... my mind is buzzing with ideas"


"Thank you - I went for lunch afterwards and found myself writing again"


"Became aware that I have more imagination than I thought, an extraordinary discovery. Felt safe to share."


"I'm going straight to the coffee shop to start writing!"


"Great way to get those creative juices flowing"


"For the first time I understand Show Not Tell!"


"Inspired me to write again"


"Eye-opening and inspirational morning ... worth every moment"


"Loved the playfulness of it"







A series of one-off, informal and engaging sessions for beginners. Using fun and simple exercises, we will share our personal tips on the creative writing process. How do you develop and portray great characters? How do you write authentic-sounding dialogue? How on earth do you tackle the plot of an 80,000 word novel?  We will help you understand how to build scenes and chapters, using your senses to bring them to life.


While we will write bits and pieces along the way, there will be NO PRESSURE TO SHARE unless you wish to. As some of our recent feedback illustrates -


"Friendly and welcoming atmosphere, no pressure to share"


"You both created a nurturing, productive and inclusive environment"


"A very supportive and safe environment to share"





Creative Writing Workshops for Beginners:


in Chiswick: 


Book for Tuesday 7th May 9.45am-1pm

Book for Tuesday 18th June 9.45am-1pm 


in Teddington (Railway Pub):


Book for Saturday 18th May 10am-1pm

in collaboration with www.handmadeworkshops.co.uk