The cover of The Road to Donetsk has been causing some discussion among members of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain. When I introduced my novel at an event there, back in the summer, several women told me they would like to see the cover changed, as the dolls are Russian not Ukrainian. A couple of Amazon reviews have agreed ("The only thing that stops me giving this 5 stars is the Russified transliteration of Ukrainian names, and the design of the front cover.") I have to admit hands up here! For me the image represents that general region of the world for a Western reader - and not specifically Russia, and I did research the origins of the dolls before creating the cover. I found that, while they were first conceived in Russia at the end of the 19th century, they soon spread to other neighbouring countries, including Ukraine, where indeed I bought my own set. However, I am told that Ukrainian dolls are quite different, rounder, with designs specific to this nation, and so am wondering whether I should change the cover of my novel....Vanessa in her shirt and jeans was uniquely created by a cartoon artist, however, and stands proudly on my mantlepiece at home, so she would remain in the picture whatever! Please do contact me via this website if you have a view?